service1 [sʉr′vis]
[ME servise < OFr < L servitium, servitude < servus, slave: see SERF]
1. the occupation or condition of a servant
a) employment, esp. public employment [diplomatic service]
b) a branch or department of this, including its personnel; specif., the armed forces, as army, navy, or air force
a) work done for a master or feudal lord
b) work done or duty performed for another or others [repair service, public service]
4. the serving of God, as through good works, prayer, etc.
a) public worship
b) any religious ceremony [the marriage service]
c) [sometimes pl.] a similar, but nonreligious, ceremony, as for a burial or marriage [graveside services]
d) a musical setting for a religious service
a) an act giving assistance or advantage to another
b) the result of this; benefit; advantage
c) [pl.] friendly help; also, professional aid or attention [the fee for his services]
7. the act or manner of serving food [a restaurant noted for its fine service]
8. a set of utensils or articles used in serving [silver tea service]
9. a system or method of providing people with the use of something, as electric power, water, transportation, mail delivery, etc.
10. installation, maintenance, repairs, etc., provided by a dealer or manufacturer to purchasers of equipment
11. the act or manner of serving the ball in tennis, etc., or one's turn to serve
12. Archaic devotion, as of a lover to his lady
13. Animal Husbandry the act of bringing a male animal to copulate with a female
14. Law notification of legal action, as by the serving of a writ
15. Naut. any material, as wire, used in serving (ropes, etc.)
1. of, for, or in service; specif.,
a) of or relating to the armed forces
b) providing repair, maintenance, supplies, etc.
c) providing services, rather than goods
2. of, for, or used by servants, tradespeople, etc. [a service entrance]
a) for use during active service [a service uniform]
b) serviceable; durable [service weight stockings]
serviced, servicing
1. to furnish with a service
2. to copulate with (a female): said of a male animal
3. to make or keep fit for service, as by inspecting, adjusting, repairing, refueling, etc.
4. to make the periodic interest payments on (a debt)
at someone's service
1. ready to serve or cooperate with someone
2. ready for someone's use
in service
1. in use; functioning: said esp. of an appliance, vehicle, etc.
2. in the armed forces
3. working as a domestic servant
of service
giving aid or assistance; helpful; useful
service2 [sʉr′vis]

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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